Shifting Anxiety with Yoga—Grounding

Why are we so anxious? Anxiety is a familiar companion to many of us, and understandably so. We’re constantly inundated with messages urging us to do more, achieve more, earn more, and consume more—mixed with warnings about the dire state of the world. To be sure, activity, achievement, resource development, and even consumption and concern (more…)

Inspiring Kids to Move—A Workshop for Adults

Inspiring Kids to Move is a 2-hour workshop developed by Imagination Yoga for teachers, parents, and others who work with children. No previous yoga experience is necessary. We’ll present simple, age-appropriate ways to use yoga to not only get kids moving but also help them tap into their innate calm, concentration, and kindness. While the (more…)

Growing with Alignment Yoga

RYT 200 I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently completed the 200-hour Alignment Yoga teacher training at Eugene Yoga Center. Over the past eight months, I’ve had the great fortune of studying, reflecting, learning, and growing with a group of dedicated, compassionate individuals who are working to serve diverse communities. The tools and knowledge I’ve gathered (more…)

Winter 2019 Update

What’s Happening at Eugene Imagination Yoga? a Out of the Studio and into the Classroom This school year, I’ve been working with children at El Camino del Río/River Road Elementary. At the end of the day each Friday, students have “choice time,” when they participate in an activity that they have selected among several that (more…)

What’s New at Eugene Imagination Yoga?

  While we haven’t been in the studio lately, a lot has been going on at Eugene Imagination Yoga! If you’d like to express interest in a studio class, please take our quick, 5-question survey to tell us about your preferences.   El Camino del Río/ River Road Elementary In October, Diane Campbell, Eugene Imagination (more…)

Summer Yoga in the Park

  This summer, Eugene Imagination Yoga is stepping out of the studio and into local parks! We’ll bring our mats and our imaginations to the parks listed below at noon on the dates indicated. Churchill and Washington parks will also have activities available through the City of Eugene Recreation Services Fun for All program, and (more…)

Meditation on Spring

  Spring is a time of waking up. After the cool darkness of winter, the flood of light energizes our minds and bodies. The world, buzzing with life, draws us outside.   The seasons are like the world’s inhalation and exhalation. During winter’s inbreath, things go underground, and we sink more deeply into our internal (more…)

Imagination Yoga to Support School Curricula

Benefits of Yoga for Kids Yoga has been shown to aid executive function, support memory, focus, and self-esteem, and reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing physical fitness. Imagination Yoga was specifically designed to meet the needs of children by engaging the imagination with storytelling throughout a yoga flow. The subject of the story can be just about (more…)

Imagine Yoga at Your School or Daycare

Imagination Yoga uses storytelling and imaginative games to engage children in the experience of yoga. Extensive research on the topic indicates multiple benefits of yoga programs in schools: Encourages use of non-violent problem-solving strategies[1] Helps to reduce stress[2] and anxiety[3] Improves executive function[4] Improves symptoms[5] and school performance of children with ADHD[6] Learn more about (more…)

Update from the Studio

Eugene Imagination Yoga has so far held three weeks of classes at our studio home at Celebration Belly Dance & Yoga in Eugene, Oregon. As more families learn about our program, we look forward to meeting more new friends and helping more children build the sense of peace and empowerment that a regular yoga practice (more…)