Yoga for Kids in Eugene, Oregon

What Is Imagination Yoga?

Imagination Yoga combines yoga with storytelling to engage kids in playful exercise while building essential skills.
Eugene Imagination Yoga





Imagination Yoga gets kids moving, but it’s much more than physical exercise. Visualization and mindfulness practices help students build essential capacities like awareness, compassion, emotional regulation, critical thinking, planning, and self-esteem.







Studio Classes

We are in the process of building ongoing classes for children aged 2–12. If you’d like to join us in the studio, subscribe to our email list for the opportunity to get into our first available classes.





On-Site Classes

Eugene Imagination Yoga will come to you! Book classes for a special day at your school or other child-centered facility, or ask about setting up a regular program at your site. Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations.





Do you have a child who loves yoga? Schedule a yoga adventure for their next birthday party! Activities and adventures can be tailored to your child’s age and interests and the size of group you’ll be hosting. A yoga adventure can help ease young partygoers down after the cake with a combination of fun and focus. We can go anywhere—the jungle, the beach, the moon… it’s up to them!



The age ranges below are flexible and intended as general guidelines.

15–20-minute adventure (best for ages 2–5)                                           $50

30-minute adventure (ages 5–9)                                                              $60

45-minute adventure (ages 9–12)                                                            $75




Eugene Imagination Yoga’s mission is to promote physical, emotional, and mental health in our community through children’s yoga programs. By combining imaginative play and storytelling with yoga practice, we provide opportunities for fun and engaging physical exercise while supporting a child’s developing sense of self awareness and capacity for self regulation.