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Imagination Yoga uses storytelling and imaginative games to engage children in the experience of yoga. Extensive research on the topic indicates multiple benefits of yoga programs in schools:

  • Encourages use of non-violent problem-solving strategies[1]
  • Helps to reduce stress[2] and anxiety[3]
  • Improves executive function[4]
  • Improves symptoms[5] and school performance of children with ADHD[6]

Learn more about the benefits of yoga for kids in our articles, ““How Can Yoga Help Kids Succeed?” and “Why Imagination Yoga?”


There are several ways you can offer Imagination Yoga at your school or daycare.


In-School Field Trip

Imagination Yoga can come to your school for a single day or a series of days to introduce the experience of yoga to your students. This can take the place of your regular PE classes or provide a special break in the students’ day.


Ongoing Enrichment

Regular yoga practice can provide the greatest benefit to your students. Eugene Imagination Yoga can provide an ongoing program during the school day (school funded) or before or after school (parent funded). Scholarships may be available for low-income students who wish to attend parent-funded programs.


Sub Days

Diane Campbell, owner of Eugene Imagination Yoga, is a guest teacher in the Eugene 4J school district. If your school is in 4J, Diane can fill in for one of your regular teachers and provide yoga instruction for all or part of the day.


Discounts are available for nonprofit organizations, and a free demo class is available upon request. Click the link below to learn more.




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Comments (2)

Are you doing classes at two rivers, i have been trying to find a not crazy expensive yoga class for my kids but there isn’t much out there I’m really interested I would love to know how much it cost


I was at Two Rivers for a one-week yoga experience, and I am available for work at other schools. I offer a free demo class for schools and daycares, and on-site programs can be funded through the school or by parents. This would be the most affordable way to access classes. Feel free to direct your child’s teacher and school administrator to my website for information on the program. I would also be happy to reach out to them if you’d like.

For studio classes, the cost is $8/session for the 2–3-year-old class and $10/session for 4+. 10-class punch cards are available at a 10% discount, and I offer an additional sibling discount. In the future, I plan to build a scholarship fund to allow more children to access classes, but because my business is very new, I am not yet able to do this.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. You are welcome to bring your child by for a free introductory class.


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