Private Lessons

private kids yoga

Why Consider Private Yoga Classes?

Private sessions allow one-on-one focus in the areas your child needs it most. Whether your goals are physical, social-emotional, or a combination, Diane can work with your child to develop targeted practices to support them. Private yoga sessions can also be designed for the needs of small groups like learning pods, siblings, or entire families.


Focus on Your Goals

Yoga encompasses a broad range of ways to work with the body, mind, and breath. Some are invigorating, and some are calming. Some invite self observation and others call for creative imagination. Private lessons provide the opportunity to focus on what your child needs in the moment.


Gain Comfort and Confidence

Private lessons allow students to get comfortable with the basics of a yoga practice without the pressure of feeling they have to perform in front of peers. This can be particularly beneficial for students who struggle with social anxiety or otherwise feel less than comfortable practicing in a group setting.


Build Independence for Home Practice

In private sessions, we can develop a set of practices that your child can use independently to support them at home, at school, and anywhere they go.



I’d like to discuss private lessons!

Private lessons are available on a sliding scale, depending on your family’s needs. Recommended rates are $40–100/hr.

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    I strive to make services available to as many children as possible by providing sliding-scale pricing. Please indicate the hourly rate that is most appropriate for your family.