What’s Happening at Eugene Imagination Yoga?

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Out of the Studio and into the Classroom

This school year, I’ve been working with children at El Camino del Río/River Road Elementary. At the end of the day each Friday, students have “choice time,” when they participate in an activity that they have selected among several that teachers host in their classrooms. This term, I’m working with third-grade teacher Liliana Forsman to create child-friendly yoga experiences in her classroom. During our sessions so far, we’ve taken yoga adventures to the swamp and the ocean and worked with ways to find calm in our bodies. I look forward to continuing the work I’ve begun with this group of children, helping them build tools to better manage emotions and gain greater mastery over their thoughts, words, and actions—and having fun along the way.

For information about how your school can offer Imagination Yoga, see our article, “Imagination Yoga to Support School Curricula.”


Continuing the Journey of Learning

Since October, I’ve been participating in the 200-hour Alignment Yoga teacher certification program at Eugene Yoga Center. Our class meets over a three-day weekend once per month for intensive study of many aspects of yoga, including anatomy and physiology, sensory regulation, meditation, and philosophy. I value the opportunity to participate in this program and learn from the highly skilled teachers as well as my dedicated classmates.


Looking Ahead

Since this fall, working in the classroom and continuing my yoga education has been taking precedence over offering public classes. I appreciate all of you who have filled out the short, 5-question survey to let me know your class preferences. If you have not yet filled out the survey and are interested in participating in classes, you may do so at any time. Your input will help me understand what schedule and structure will best suit your family’s needs as I look toward offering public classes in the spring.


On-Site Classes

Eugene Imagination Yoga can help your organization offer child or family yoga at your site. Whether you want to offer yoga for a special event or on an ongoing basis, we’ll provide a free demo class at your request before you make any commitment.





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