Sahalie 2022Diane’s Yoga Journey

Diane Campbell is a teacher and mother living in Eugene, Oregon. While she practiced asana on and off throughout her early adulthood, later experiences led her to connect with yoga practice on a deeper level. In raising her own children and working with hundreds more in schools across the city, she observed how issues like trauma, anxiety, and depression can derail a child’s development and make everything else more difficult. This led her to seek out ways of supporting children’s emotional well-being and sense of self mastery. She has made it her primary goal as a mother, educator, and community member to support those she works with in living fully, joyfully, and confidently.

Training, Education, & Inspiration

Diane is an Oregon TSPC-certified PK-12 teacher with endorsements in secondary-level language arts and social studies. As an undergraduate English major at the University of Iowa, she developed a lifelong love of stories that has infused her approach to education, yoga, and exploration of life’s deep mysteries.

Drawn by its holistic and imaginative approach, Diane completed the Waldorf School teacher training in Eugene, Oregon, in 2001. After spending several years focusing on raising her young children, she earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Pacific University in 2008.

In 2017, she began her yoga instruction journey by completing the Imagination Yoga teacher training. She deepened her understanding with the Eugene Yoga’s 200-hour Alignment Yoga teacher training, which she finished in May 2019. In December 2022, Diane completed Sarahjoy Marsh’s 300-hour advanced trauma-sensitive yoga training, satisfying the requirements for RYT 500 certification. As she has developed her skills, her offerings have evolved to serve students of all ages. She enjoys working with individuals and small groups to tailor practices that support students’ specific needs.

Celebrating Diversity

Diane recognizes the strength that comes with diversity and is strongly committed to honoring each unique individual she works with. Eugene Imagination Yoga welcomes students of all backgrounds, races, gender identities, religions, sizes, ages, and abilities. I welcome the opportunity to both teach and learn from students who have different life experiences than my own.