Eugene Imagination Yoga has so far held three weeks of classes at our studio home at Celebration Belly Dance & Yoga in Eugene, Oregon. As more families learn about our program, we look forward to meeting more new friends and helping more children build the sense of peace and empowerment that a regular yoga practice can provide.


Yoga Adventures

The 2 and 3-year-old class has been taking yoga adventures to the moon as well as learning some basic poses and having fun pretending to be some of our favorite animals. Next week, we’ll try out a new song, practice body control, and experience the world as a newly hatched butterfly in our next yoga adventure.

The older yogis have been enjoying more complex and challenging adventures, exploring both the moon and the African jungle through movement and imagination. We’ve been working on being mindful of the kindness in our hearts and sharing it with others through kind words. Next week, we’ll think about ways we can turn kind thoughts into action to make the world a better place for everyone as we take imaginative journeys to our own personal “castles of kindness.”


Studio Helpers

All of you who have attended class so far have met my daughter, Harmony, who will regularly be helping us out in the studio. She has a lot of experience with young children and has passed the Red Cross babysitting course. Her primary responsibilities are helping with setup and sign-in, greeting children and helping them feel comfortable, and providing a model for them to follow during class.

My stepdaughter, Annie, will also often be with me during Sunday classes. Young children are naturally inclined to imitate. On days when Annie attends the 8–12-year-old class, she may join the younger classes as well to provide an additional model for them to follow.


Looking Ahead

As we build our Sunday classes toward capacity, I will be able to begin offering classes at other times, including after school and early evenings. If you would like to join a class but are not available Sunday mornings, please fill out our brief form to join the class list, and specify your time preferences. This will ensure that I have your needs in mind as I expand class offerings and that you’ll be updated when more classes are available.


At Your School or Day Care

I am available to work with schools, day care centers, and other child-related facilities to provide occasional or ongoing classes. We’ve already had a successful four-day visit with the children at Two Rivers—Dos Ríos Elementary School, where kids in grades K–5 got to experience yoga adventures to the jungle and the ocean. You can see a brief clip of our work in this “Principal’s Log” video (at 1:17). If you’d like to see Imagination Yoga at your school or day care, ask your administrator or other representative to reach out for a free demo class.


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