While we haven’t been in the studio lately, a lot has been going on at Eugene Imagination Yoga! If you’d like to express interest in a studio class, please take our quick, 5-question survey to tell us about your preferences.


El Camino del Río/ River Road Elementary

In October, Diane Campbell, Eugene Imagination Yoga’s owner and instructor, began working with third grade teacher Erin Reckers and students at El Camino del Río/River Road Elementary. On Friday afternoons, students engage in an activity of their choice at the end of the day. A group of 16 students have chosen to practice yoga. Together, we’ve taken yoga adventures to the moon and the African jungle, which have given us opportunities not only to exercise our bodies and imaginations in fun ways but also to work with the idea of sharing our kind hearts and kind words with others and to begin to learn ways to take greater control of our thoughts, feelings, and actions.


YTT 200 at Eugene Yoga Center

Also in October, Diane began the 200-hour Alignment Yoga teacher certification program at Eugene Yoga Center. This 8-month program dedicates three days per month to the intensive study of asanas, yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, meditation, and other aspects of yoga practice. The Alignment Yoga approach is informed by multiple disciplines, including sensory integration, educational psychology, early childhood development, contemplative neuroscience, and functional strength training. Click here for more information about the Alignment Yoga teacher training program.

Participation in this program will enrich Eugene Imagination Yoga’s offerings and strengthen our connections in the community. In the future, we look forward to being able to train local teachers, parents, child care providers, and others to share an imaginative yoga practice with the children they work with every day.


A Mission to Serve

The number one goal of Eugene Imagination Yoga is to help build a healthy community by helping our young people to build physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength. Click the link below if you’d like to explore options for an Imagination Yoga program for your school, child care facility, or other organization. Pricing is flexible, and we offer a free demo class.


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