Yoga for Groups

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Whether you want to hold a special yoga event or establish an ongoing program, Eugene Imagination Yoga can tailor activities to meet the needs of your school, childcare facility, community organization, or other group.



Preschool-aged children benefit from short yoga sessions (30 minutes max) with lots of movement and fun. Imagination Yoga works with young children’s natural love for imaginative play while teaching skills that enhance their capacity for self-regulation.


Elementary School

Children aged five through twelve are developing longer attention spans and growing in their ability to practice stillness. As they mature, they can enjoy longer yoga sessions with more inner focus and more complex imaginations. Imagination Yoga supports elementary-aged children’s continuing need for movement and play while cultivating mindfulness and aiding executive function.



Teenagers need tools to help them cope with the stress, anxiety, depression, and self-image issues that many of them face each day. Imaginative yoga for teens can include a mix of challenging movement, inward focus, and guided meditation unified by a story that carries a theme throughout the practice.


Mixed-Aged Groups

Imagination Yoga can be fun for families as well as mixed-aged groups of children! Yoga adventures can be modified to support a wide range of abilities as well as incorporate partner poses for community building and fun.


To learn more about imaginative yoga for your group, reach out to us with questions or request a free demo!