Announcing Yoga Classes for Kids 2–12

    I am happy to announce Eugene Imagination Yoga’s first studio classes at Celebration Dance & Yoga at 1840 Willamette, Suite 208, beginning Sunday, February 18. I am excited to invite you into this lovely, welcoming space with your child. Learn more about the space here:   Classes will take place on Sunday (more…)

Taking Root—Growing Down Before Growing Up

Yogis recognize seven main energy centers, or chakras, aligned along the spine, which correspond to major nerve centers in the body. Each chakra is thought to align with a particular set of physical, emotional, and psychological qualities; when the energy to one or more of these centers is blocked, then we can experience corresponding symptoms (more…)

How Can Yoga Help Kids Succeed?

There are no “bad” kids. Some kids find doing what’s expected in school, getting along with others, and making friends fairly easy, while others struggle with these skills. Often, the kids who are adept at these things are thought of as “good kids,” and the others can be seen as problems to be solved or (more…)

Why Imagination Yoga?

Kids need tools for coping with the modern world. As schools become more crowded and children (as well as parents and teachers) face increasing challenges, we need new tools to empower kids to find a sense of balance and control over their lives. Issues such as packed schedules, poverty, bullying, and deportation fears make life (more…)